With a good layout plan, small areas can reach maximum use of the area and maximum comfort. Our primary target in the layout plan phase was to convert a small size space into an office space that would uncover the maximum potential. There is a reception room, an office, a meeting area and a collective workroom for the employees in the space. We determined the choices of color and material as plain and soft shades in the space to be used as a law office and wanted to achieve a simple elegance. With a natural polished oak coating and marble and bronze metal molding, a balanced elegance was created. Office tables, cupboards, and lighting luminaries are custom- designed for the project. The reception desk was designed to ease circulation as a form, but at the same time, to welcome incoming guests and to maintain a comfortable relationship with the general space.

  • Location

    Bayraklı / İzmir

  • Project


  • Service

    Interior Architecture Project and Application

  • Area

    70 m2