Çanlı meyhane is located in Goztepe, which is one of the important shorelines in İzmir. The antique bells obtained by the owner of the tavern both reflected on the name of the space and became the core element of the design. For Çanlı meyhane, a special garden conservatory has been created on the shore. In order to soften this structure form and reflect the long-awaited intimate tavern atmosphere, cotton velvet curtains were used periodically in cream tones and, together with tablecloths in the same colors, an elegant atmosphere is created.

The round marble bistro with a specially designed gas fireplace in the middle of the space has softened the narrow and long geometry of the space. Also, it presented a different tavern experience for the users. In the space, bell-shaped armatures were designed as lighting, these armatures were placed inside horizon rectangular structure formed on the ceiling and they are surrounded by shocked vegetations. An eclectically atmosphere was created using both modern and antique tools altogether.

  • Location

    Güzelyalı / İzmir

  • Project

    Tavern project

  • Service

    Interior Architecture Project

  • Area

    180 m2