We know that the happiest child is the child who discovers those around in nature, can use all of the senses, socialize with peers, and have places where s/he can use her/his imagination. Based on this concept, we reflected the nature theme, which provides integrity with the general form of the building and the rainbow colors on the facade, to the inner spaces. In the Ekin College project, the two most important issues we aimed at are to create spaces to meet all the needs of the users and to ensure that students enjoy and can be motivated both during class hours and activity times. Especially for the kindergarten children, it was very crucial to have spaces where they could use their imagination and physical activities.

We elaborate that the designed forms don’t have sharp lines and we create fabric-covered surfaces instead of hard surfaces. In this project, children’s safety, developing their imagination, socializing them and enjoying school during their first years of education life are among our priorities in this project.

Ekin College is entirely designed by taking into account how our little students perceive the space, their body measurements, and their thinking.

  • Location

    Cigli / Izmir

  • Project

    Primary school

  • Service

    Concept Design, Interior Architecture Project

  • Area

    1500 m2