Get Coffee

“Get Coffee”, which is designed at the entrance of Sporium sports center, is a third wave coffee shop. It is especially considered for Sporium. For sports lovers who want to have a healthy snack before doing sports or drink coffee after sport, become socialized, take a break, it is a dynamic, modern and comfortable area. For the customers coming from outside, it is aimed at being an escape point inside the city. The focal point of the space is a long table which is made of exposed concrete and designed especially for space, vegetation on the table, roof panels and seating groups. Some materials have been used as raw materials, such as corrugated sheets, perforated panels, these materials added an energetic and extraordinary atmosphere to space. Sporium fitness area and Get Coffee area are separated from each other with a structure of glass and plants. Thus, even though two spaces communicate with each other, they protect their own private spaces. Besides, the structure of the plants creates a beautiful view for the athletes running inside. Get Coffee floor is based on the general concept of exposed concrete pattern, but in order to define the entrance to the gym and to define the transition area, geometric marble plates are placed on the floor.

Get coffee is a brand new interpretation of today’s 3rd wave coffee shop concept integrated with a healthy life.

  • Location

    Karsiyaka / Izmir

  • Project

    Cafe Project

  • Service

    Interior Architecture Project

  • Area

    150 m2