Innovative, transparent and dynamic work and activity spaces in which Hugo boss employees can use their creativity have been created and it had a different perspective by standing out from a daily working routine. By taking space ceiling height into consideration, the design progressed not only horizontally but also vertically in some areas and areas with different functions were created. The requested functions were grouped into 3 categories, representing the symbolically designed tree figures by forming focal points. And special color coding for these areas was studied. The aim of the design was to define areas where employees could spend time together or individually, to reveal their creativities and potentialities by taking them from the routine business life. The venue consists of many different functions such as exhibition areas, comfortable meeting space, amphitheater seating area created for seminars and presentations, video shooting room, climbing wall, creativity atelier, cafe section.

  • Location

    Free Zone / Gaziemir

  • Project

    Office Project

  • Service

    Interior Architecture Project

  • Area

    600 m2